Milford Helicopters is closed on Christmas Day

Our Story

We love a good story. Here’s ours so far.
Hexagon cut out of landed helicopter
2 People walking away from the helicopter.


Milford Helicopters was originally founded by a local Te Anau couple.
Helicopter landed by flax
Helicopter landed by flax


Thousands of flights later, we set up Te Anau Helicopters at the very same Airport. With a shared love of Fiordland and the journeys within, we continued to successfully build our businesses alongside each other, until a certain global pandemic set in.
Couple taking photos by lake
Couple taking photos by lake


We acquired Milford Helicopters and happily welcomed the new sister company into our family.

2020 and the following years were a whole other kind of mission, to say the least. Milford Helicopters went from a booming business to no flights overnight. Sure, this was a big shock, but it gave us the opportunity to do something that was, and still is, very close to our hearts: inviting fellow New Zealanders to explore their own backyards. And what a backyard it is.


Even in the most uncertain of times, the glaciers, native bush and alpine lakes stood waiting, ready to welcome our Kiwi friends once again. As New Zealand moved in and out of lockdowns, Kiwis continued to plan adventures, share stories, and as the restrictions eased, Milford Helicopters were once again airborne in the heart of beautiful Fiordland.

Though many of our guests had travelled to the farthest reaches of the world, the line we heard time and time again was Fiordland National Park was their most stunning adventure yet - and it had been under their noses this whole time. Of course, we here at Milford Helicopters always knew just how special this place is, but it was incredibly rewarding to share it with local friends during a time when everyone needed a little boost.
Helicopter that has landed near a lake
Helicopter coming into land on a hill


Now that New Zealand is welcoming international visitors back to this wonderful country, we are excited to once again showcase Milford Sound and Fiordland to even more explorers. We encourage you to adventure further, look deeper, learn more and forge your own connection to the stunning sights you discover.

As our story continues, our ethos will always remain the same: striving to provide a safe, efficient and memorable experience for guests, so you can sit back, relax and take in all that Fiordland has to offer. We look forward to welcoming you on board.

- Gaven and Jennie Burgess